Introducing the Trailbrush, the lightest toothbrush.

What is Trailbrush?

Trailbrush is a 2 gram toothbrush that connects to camp spoons.

Convert your long handled spoon into a toothbrush. Trailbrush is a simple solution to saving weight on trail without sacrificing usability. This toothbrush has no built-in handle but rather is designed to fit securely in the clip slot of most trail utensils

This toothbrush attachment is designed by and for long distance through hikers. This patented-pending system allows the head of a toothbrush to slot securely to the carabiner hole of the long-handled spoon that is probably already in your pack. This cuts down the weight of our packs, cuts down how much plastic we waste AND means you don't have to keep justifying your spoon as a luxury item! 

If you need more than that for the sale pitch: you can click the link below to see the kickstarter with all my cheesy advertising lines!

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