About Trail Stuff

Trail Stuff was created in 2023 to answer age-old hiker questions like “should I cut off half of my toothbrush handle?” By designing simple and innovative gear Trail Stuff’s answer is no, cut off the entire handle. Trailbrush is a 2 gram toothbrush attachment for your long handled spo(on/rk).

Trail Stuff was founded by Andrew Vargo; a lazy-hiker, proud gram-winnie, and gear goblin. Since his Appalachian Trail through-hike, his hiking mantra has been “If its not silly, safety, or snacks; I’m not carrying it.” Since 2023 Trail stuff has been here to bring you the silliest and lightest stuff on trail. 

  • First Version

  • First 3D print

  • Final Prototype

Frequently Asked Questions

What spoons/sporks is this compatible with?

  • I cannot provide an exhaustive list, as it is a widely produced model. But if it is like the Toaks, Vargo, or sea to summit long handle spoon it should work. If you have a specific one in mind, send me a photo I'll let you know!
  • Toaks Long Spoon and Spork
  • Vargo Spoon and Spork (excluding the double ended one)
  • Sea to Summit titanium long handled spoon.

Will this work with the Snow Peak spoon?

Unfortunately, no. The hole in that handle is too small for this system to get a good fit.

What is the bristle hardness?

The bristles on Trailbrush are medium. However, with the tapered bristles, they feel medium-soft to the touch. Medium bristles balance firm cleaning without the risk of damaging your enamel.

What is trailbrush made of?

The head, cap, and gaskets are made of silicone. The bristles are made of nylon. All of these are the typical materials used in most toothbrushes and produced in a clean factory.

Why not use bamboo?

Our earliest prototype was made of bamboo. Unfortunately, the stress on the connection nub snapped off. The bamboo's grain structure has a split line and makes it impossible to produce within the tolerances needed for this use.

Isn't this silly?

Oh 100%. This might be the silliest trail thing of all time. Its 1% more serious than googly eyes.

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  • Return Policy

    For obvious reasons we cannot accept returns. If your trailbrush doesn't look like the ones in the photos here or you feel is a factory defect use the contact form above and let me know. I will work with you to get you a replacement.

  • Shipping

    Its just me over here so processing times might backup during peak seasons. That said I will try to get things to the post office within a few days, please be patient. Please allow up to 7 days for the actual shipping. However, it is almost always faster than that.

  • Retail

    I love buying gear in person, especially on trail. I can absolutely do wholesale arrangements. Please use the "Contact Me" form below and let me know how we can help.

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