"But, Andrew, I don't want to shop on your sketchy shopify store!" 

Hey, I worked really hard on this! Hahaha, yea, I totally get it. I know how great it is to buy things in person because landing mail on trail is super hard. Also, shipping a single toothbrush can be silly, why not pick it up with a bunch of other absolutely essential gear while you're at it?


  • Online

    Simplest option is to buy it here! Or, if you want to get some other awesome stuff while your paying for shipping, try one of the stores below!

  • In Person

    Nothing beats buying stuff in person and supporting the trail stores that support our communities. I will try to keep this list updated, so let me know if one of these places is out!

  • Outlet

    Do you want to have the lightest and greatest gear in YOUR shop? Use the contact form below and get in touch.

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